236th ACS National Meeting

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The city has much to offer its visitors, and so does the meeting itself. The ACS president, 31 technical divisions, one secretariat, and three committees will host original programming in half-day oral sessions and 93 poster sessions.

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More than 8, papers will be presented. ACS national award winners who did not present addresses in New Orleans will deliver them in Philadelphia. Bursten continues to highlight energy-related issues, education initiatives, the centrality of chemistry, and international cooperation between chemists and chemical engineers. ACS short courses, Greg Iacobini Warwick University. Antoine Vallatos Birmingham University. Yinghe Zhang Birmingham University. Areej Abuhammad Oxford University. Robert Archer University of Bath. Fionn O'Hara University of Cambridge.

Julien Panetier Heriot Watts University. Stacy Slavin University of Warwick. Tanya Hutter University of Cambridge.

Call for Papers for BCCE Symposium

Cheng - Tar Wu University of Oxford. Hayley Charville Durham University. Jasprit Kaur Chahal Imperial College. Bingli Mo Imperial College. Robert Pullin Imperial College. Giorgio Mirri University of Birmingham. Claire Stanley Imperial College. Mariam Ayub Imperial College. N Halliday University of Birmingham. N Hollingsworth University of Bath.

Lia Tazioli Heriot-Watt University. Joseph Colin Allen University of Bath.

Samira Bouazzaoui Queen's University of Belfast. R A Castledine University of Nottingham.

Attend - ACS Spring 2019 National Meeting & Exposition

Uttam Doraswami Imperial College London. Genevieve Clapton University of Southampton. Peerada Yingyuad Imperial College London. Mohammed Rehan University of Leeds. Zaheer Ahmad Nasar University of Essex.

ACS National Meeting

Alexander Abramov Heriot-Watt University. Cedric Callens University of Oxford. Matthew James Stanford University of Warwick. Sanjeeva Witharana University of Leeds.

American Chemical Society--236th National Meeting & Exposition. New frontiers in drug delivery.

Dora Iliana Medina University of Cambridge. Sheryl Elizabeth Philip University of Westminster. Ranjana Rai University of Westminster. Sergej Polisski University of Bath. Daniel Graf von der Schulenburg University of Cambridge. Dr Hu Zhang Keele University. Sumeet Mahajan University of Southampton. Mayyada El-Sayed University of Cambridge. Joanna Hajdukiewicz National University of Ireland. Kyle William Galloway University of Glasgow.

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  8. Sheng Guo University of Oxford. Heema Unadkat University of Loughborough. Tanzeel Arif Lincoln College, Oxford. Samuel Crook University of Sheffield. Abhiskhek Deshpande University of Cambridge. Jennyfer Goujon Heriot Watt University. Benjamin Hartley University of Bath. Neil Keddie University of St Andrews. Jessica Kershaw Lincoln College, Oxford. Christopher Tighe University of Cambridge. Joseph Sakyiama University of Westminster. Alexander O'Brien Imperial College. Lynsey Geldeard University College London. Araminta Ledger University of Bath.

    Issara Sereewatthanawut Imperial College, London. Vijay Kumar Kanuru University of Cambridge. Katie Min Liu University of Birmingham. Niels Tholen Imperial College London. Paola Occhipinti University of Wales. Liadi Kolapo Mudashiru University of Newcastle. Melanie Sapsford Cranfield University. Unalome Wetwatana Imperial College London. Solange Garrais Queen's University Belfast. Dikaia Saraga N. R Demokritos Research Centre , Greece. Samira Bouazzaoui Queen's University Belfast. Sanliang Ling Heriot-Watt University.