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Document Delivery provides a two-pronged service for patrons on campus: the traditional Interlibrary Loan Borrowing service, and a scanning and delivery service for books and articles from material that is owned by the University of Michigan Library. In , free Local Document Delivery for faculty and graduate students was piloted, and request volume skyrocketed from under 5, requests received to 60, requests received in the first year.

The entire department was drowning in production work with tight turn-around times in Document Delivery, we measure the time elapsed from the moment a patron places a request to the moment of notifying a patron that the request is available. Questions of equity aside, having a dual service model presented a number of challenges for not just the staff in Document Delivery, but for staff throughout the entire library as they struggled to explain the difference in services and service levels. Library patrons were similarly confused and often frustrated, requiring a great deal of customer service support.

Maintaining separate sets of web pages and processes for fee and free services made the department less agile.

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The departmental managers wondered: What would happen if we made service free for staff and undergraduate students as well? While the department had known that more staffing would be requisite and had planned accordingly, there were unanticipated consequences to the dramatic increase in request numbers. For example, processes that were fine for 5, requests a year broke down with 60, requests, despite staffing increases.

Processes had to be broken down into more and more granular steps. Our document delivery specialists became even more specialized. We turned knowledge work into assembly line-style knowledge work.

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