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Ongoing Program Improvement Plans

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Los Alamos started their innovative Aurora KrF laser to directly emit UV short wavelength ultra violet beams for high compression efficiency, and had began start-up before I never learned why this underfunded program was terminated, nor what happened to its KrF facility. In the late s and early s, the Department of Defense tried to classify their work, tried to take away even the original notes, and blocked them from access to laser fusion information.

In retaliation, KMS f minimized government access to its lab. I was told an amusing story several times by the older physicists and engineers in our group. After the neutron results, LLNL staffers said that what was done was impossible and demanded that they be allowed on-site to review the data. This was not unreasonable.

Completed Program Improvement Plans

They moved it to a closet during the visit and stationed guards at the door, to emphasize the point. Pretty funny, right? ICF fusion leaders never forgave. Kip Siegel had his wealth and even insurance invested in KMS, he gave his all by stroking out at a Congressional hearing during a plea for support.

So KMS f survived, but he did not. Ownership change Top management changed about when very non-technical entrepreneurs from Canada bought the company and saved it from closing. I was at General Atomic when a couple real estate sales guys from Colorado, the Blue brothers, bought it and saved GA from closing. I thought this would be a disaster but leadership change worked for GA — very well indeed. Wish I could say the same for KMS f. Frequency doubling to green caused a crucial loss of power delivered to target and, even though the Target Development Group had invented ways of making low mass shells with highly uniform cryogenic DT fuel layers, target physics demanded more power for best success.

CEO to the rescue? His way to generate support was to inform them of the consequences of dissent. Funny story, right? I was at an ICF leadership conference in the late s. I was half way across the room but recall Bob bouncing up and down on his toes screaming at our Tim Henderson VP at the time, and one of our experienced fusion engineers. He was yelling something like: You think I can forget? I was new to ICF management and the shock blanked out of my memory his exact words.

That was when I understood, truly, how much a fool our owner was. Some physicists, such as Marshall Rosenbluth, had no intention of wasting his time — so he filed a devastating review on material he had never read and did not show up to see.

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The only real question — how fast could KMS be taken down? This is where Ed Gabl first presented possibly important results showing plasma jets driven from regions near laser spots. I happened to lead a tour for a visiting congressman in During that walk-through, he told me that he knew that Chroma was obsolete: too small to be at all useful for American research. In addition: The physics team was made of of disconnected people who never worked together, never did anything innovative and were not worth consideration. No one has ever tried to build another visible light implosion cavity similar to DBIS.

NIF estimates were very clear. I made several contacts with a Mr Bernard Finn, who responded as though he were talking to a crackpot.

I was informed that physics historian Paul Forman, the nominal contact for this kind of gift would too busy to be involved with our discussion. Several other KMS people also contacted Mr. In my last contact, Mr.

Finn asked me to send written documentation about our achievements, maybe he would get back to me. My memory of this is clear — he seemed to be chuckling during this conversation. But it also is a brutal consequence of the harsh cutbacks in American funding for fusion. As we have pointed out many times, funding was appropriated in but the Reaganites cut the legs off our fusion programs — an amputation that is going strong today. Our culture draws ever closer to our day of reckoning for our change of the American social balance.

Points of pride for us all — KMS work with physics tests; KMS work with laser development; KMS excellence in target development and manufacture; and our volunteer efforts at the end to showcase our company.

Inertial confinement fusion. 1995 ICF annual report, October 1994--September 1995

The KMS f images here are my own digitizations of photographs. They are all high resolution TIFF files, many tens of megabytes large.

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You can request a copy by clicking the [LastTechAge] menu under our banner and select [Send Message]. In early , Tim Henderson VP called a meeting of senior physics staff for an idea exchange. What would we do if we could do what we wanted?