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Using paper and pencil, he may make scale drawings of rail cars and the items to be shipped. And he may prepare tables showing various dimensions of his equipment in multiples and in varying equipment combinations.

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In determining what materials will be needed to block and brace items on rail cars, the military shipper refers to published loading drawings for the specific items. Those drawings show where blocking and bracing are needed, what materials are called for, and how to apply those materials.

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Loading, Blocking, and Bracing on Rail Cars. All references are to Reference Text B par.

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Our seasoned professionals specialize in relevant solutions that take full advantage of a changing worldwide transportation industry. Services include a total evaluation of each client's product as it moves through the transportation cycle and recommendations on such issues as packaging, warehouse storage, loading, blocking and bracing, transportation ride quality, unloading and destination storage and delivery.

Loading Containers on to trains.

Clients receive a written summary of loading, packaging, security and transportation recommendations. The summary includes computer generated load plans and drawings. In conjunction with its recommendations, LARS Global provides detailed training for all client personnel involved in the handling and transportation process.

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BNSF is an industry leader in Web-enabling a variety of customer transactions at www. The railway is among the world's top transporters of intermodal traffic, moves more grain than any other American railroad, transports the components of many of the products we depend on daily, and hauls enough coal to generate about 10 percent of the electricity produced in the United States.

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