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Xiaoyu Wang, Simon H. Davies, Susan J. Analysis of energy costs for catalytic ozone membrane filtration. Fluorescent natural organic matter responsible for ultrafiltration membrane fouling: Fate, contributions and fouling mechanisms.

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Stormwater management by microfiltration and ultrafiltration treatment. Effects of combined ozone and PAC pretreatment on ultrafiltration membrane fouling control and mechanisms. Journal of Physics: Conference Series , , Environmental Technology , 38 11 , Paul, Benny D. The effects of salt concentration and foulant surface charge on hydrocarbon fouling of a poly vinylidene fluoride microfiltration membrane.

Controlling disinfection by-products and organic fouling by integrated ferrihydrite—microfiltration process for surface water treatment.

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Effect of biological and coagulation pre-treatments to control organic and biofouling potential components of ultrafiltration membrane in the treatment of lake water. Environmental Technology , 38 5 , Environmental Engineering Science , 34 3 , Sivasankaran Ayyaru, Young-Ho Ahn. Application of sulfonic acid group functionalized graphene oxide to improve hydrophilicity, permeability, and antifouling of PVDF nanocomposite ultrafiltration membranes.

Surface patterning of polymeric membranes and its effect on antifouling characteristics. Separation Science and Technology , 52 2 , Fouling behaviors correlating to water characteristics during the ultrafiltration of micro-polluted water with and without the addition of powdered activated carbon. Composition and reversibility of fouling on low-pressure membranes in the filtration of coagulated water: insights into organic fractions behaviour.

Desalination and Water Treatment , 57 54 , Anderson, Jane Bonsteel, Peter M. Biopolymer removal in full-scale conventional and advanced drinking water treatment trains at two large adjacent plants.

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Desalination and Water Treatment , 57 47 , Long-Fei Wang, Mark M. HAOPs pretreatment to reduce membrane fouling: Foulant identification, removal, and interactions. Ceramic membrane separation coupled with catalytic ozonation for tertiary treatment of dyestuff wastewater in a pilot-scale study. Chemical Engineering Journal , , Jones, Vernon Morris. Graphene oxide functionalized polyethersulfone membrane to reduce organic fouling.

Zhengwang He, Daniel J. Malczewska, M. Water Research , 99 , Boya Xiong, Andrew L. Zydney, Manish Kumar. Fouling of microfiltration membranes by flowback and produced waters from the Marcellus shale gas play. Yin Jing, Brian P. Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy study of membrane fouling characterization at a conductive sub-stoichiometric TiO 2 reactive electrochemical membrane: Transmission line model development.

Lee A. Superhydrophilic anti-fouling electrospun cellulose acetate membranes coated with chitin nanocrystals for water filtration. Panitan Jutaporn, Philip C. Singer, Rose M. Cory, Orlando Coronell. Water Research , 98 , Kangmin Chon, Jaeweon Cho. Fouling behavior of dissolved organic matter in nanofiltration membranes from a pilot-scale drinking water treatment plant: An autopsy study. Effect of inorganic colloidal water constituents on combined low-pressure membrane fouling with natural organic matter NOM.

High flux and high selectivity carbon nanotube composite membranes for natural organic matter removal. Understanding the influence of climate change on the embodied energy of water supply. Water Research , 95 , Natural organic matter fouling behaviors on superwetting nanofiltration membranes. Water Research , 93 , New insights into the fouling mechanism of dissolved organic matter applying nanofiltration membranes with a variety of surface chemistries. Identifying the major fluorescent components responsible for ultrafiltration membrane fouling in different water sources.

Shamsuddin, D. Das, V. Myagkaya, E.

Lazareva, M. Gustaytis, S. Gold and silver in a system of sulfide tailings. Part 1: Migration in water flow. Journal of Geochemical Exploration , , Influence and mechanism of different molecular weight organic molecules in natural water on ultrafiltration membrane fouling reversibility.

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Micro filtration and ultra filtration

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Kemperman, Kitty Nijmeijer, Emile R. Cornelissen, Sebastiaan G. Heijman, Luuk C. Surface engineering of polymer membranes via mussel-inspired chemistry. A pilot-scale coupling catalytic ozonation—membrane filtration system for recirculating aquaculture wastewater treatment. Biplob Kumar Pramanik, Felicity A. Assessment of biological activated carbon treatment to control membrane fouling in reverse osmosis of secondary effluent for reuse in irrigation. Julie J. Flora, Yeomin Yoon. Ultrathin graphene oxide membranes for the removal of humic acid. Malczewska, J.

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Liu, M. Virtual elimination of MF and UF fouling by adsorptive pre-coat filtration. Optimization of enhanced sand filtration with secondary-flocculation for polluted water treatment. Desalination and Water Treatment , 53 11 , Fouling mechanisms in the early stage of an enhanced coagulation-ultrafiltration process.