Sustainable Development for the Healthcare Industry: Reprogramming the Healthcare Value Chain

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Pierre has over 26 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and biological industry, both in marketing positions from product marketing at country level to global marketing strategy and in operations from business unit head to general manager. Through these local and global positions, he has acquired direct experience with blockbuster products in diverse markets primary care, specialty care, hospital, vaccines, and biotechnology , geographies US, Europe, Japan, China, India, Emerging Markets and organizations.

Richard Barker. Eduardo Pisani. JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser. Perspectives on Sustainable Growth Free Preview. Addresses the complex challenges of developing and managing an environmentally sustainable healthcare industry Covers all key aspects of the healthcare industry, including research, development, manufacturing, regulation, commercialization, and general management Features contributions from leading academics and industry insiders see more benefits.

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Blockchain in Healthcare: a New Era of Opportunities

The project would enable physicians to recommend medical product bundles to their patients at the hospital. Then those products would be delivered to the patients' homes upon discharge. Although a small number of hospitals would be involved with the initial pilot program, the idea would be to expand it across the nation. Amazon is rumored to be in talks to invest in an Indian pharmacy chain, known as MedPlus.

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MedPlus operates more than 1, pharmacies across India and provides services to more than 10, people. The pharmacy chain also operates an online pharmacy store called MedPlusMart, several lab testing centers and a surgical equipment distribution business. Amazon considers opening primary care clinics for its employees at its headquarters in Seattle.

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The tentative plan is to hire a small number of physicians to start a pilot clinic later in More than groups have registered to build apps using Blue Button 2. The e-commerce giant is one of them. Stoddard formerly served as an executive for Comcast and Optum.


Accenture and Merck announce they are partnering with Amazon to launch a data-driven drug development platform on Amazon Web Services. The platform is expected to open to software vendors in November. Change Healthcare and Amazon team up to launch a new cloud-based claims and payments network for payers and providers.

The network will be available on Amazon Web Services and will deploy technologies like Blockchain. The Boston-based firm, Monitor Group, will help the e-commerce giant reach this goal by helping drive improvements in the care of chronically ill patients.

Future targeted healthcare manufacturing hub

News breaks that Amazon and Google both invested in Aiva, a startup that uses smart speakers to connect patients and seniors with their healthcare providers. Amazon filed a patent for its virtual voice assistant, Alexa, which aims to detect when a user is sick. The device would then help sell users medications. Becker's reports Amazon is fielding applications for a data scientist to join its health team.

The scientist would work on its health insurance plan which is in the Amazon Benefits Department. The employee would be responsible for establishing data science, business intelligence, analytics and reporting capabilities for the health plan.

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The initiative aims to help link biomedical researchers with their colleagues across the world. The Wall Street Journal reports that Amazon plans to split its second headquarters between two locations. Under the revised plan, Amazon would split the workforce evenly with about 25, employees in each city. It will view all three of its main offices as headquarters with similar executive functions.

However, the split means the company will build two smaller offices than its Seattle home base, which has 45, workers. Amazon, through a partnership with generic store brand pharmaceutical maker Aurohealth, will launch a fourth exclusive over-the-counter medication brand called Primary Health.

Safran was the former chief performance measurement and improvement officer at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts. She will assume her position of "head of measurement" at the health venture early in CNBC reports that Amazon will soon allow its employees to test out PillPack, the online pharmacy the e-commerce giant purchased earlier in the year. Accenture, Merck and Amazon's cloud-based drug discovery platform opens to software vendors.

More than 30 sign up opening day. Amazon announces plans to sell software that can mine patient health records for data to help physicians improve treatment plans and to help hospitals cut costs.

What will the Future Targeted Healthcare Manufacturing Hub deliver and achieve?

Becker's confirms Amazon hired Jason Tzau, PharmD, to help oversee the company's employee benefits plan. A pharmacist by training, Dr. Tzau serves as Amazon's U. He joined earlier in December. In his role, Mr. CNBC reports that Amazon will team up with Omron Healthcare, a healthcare products developer, to create a blood pressure skill for its voice assistant Alexa.