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Since Kitsune are frequently referred to and grouped with shapeshifters such as Werewolves and Werecoyotes , it appears to be likely that they can take other forms as well; however, a Kitsune's true form remains unknown though some speculate it is similar in shape to their aura , as does information regarding other shapes that a Kitsune can take. All Kitsune have flaming auras that surround their human bodies in the shape of a large fox, which seems to become bigger and more fierce-looking with every tail they gain. These auras can be made visible with flash photography, and supernatural creatures with enhanced vision can see them when they use their glowing eyes.

As a result, young Kitsune must learn how to conceal this aura in order to hide it from supernatural beings. Conversely, Kitsune can also make their aura visible to the naked human eye if they will it, or, in some cases, if they lose control over their inner Fox spirit, which has happened to Kira on several occasions, such as during her battle with the Chimera Tracy Stewart at the Beacon County Sheriff's Station , when Lydia Martin , a human Banshee , saw her aura. Kitsune are trickster spirits, and their mischievous behavior has caused them to gain a reputation for being amoral and even evil in some myths and legends.

However, in reality, Kitsune simply have their own unique sense of honor and do not really understand the concepts of "right" and "wrong," nor do they seem to have any interest in learning about it, although Kitsune living in the human world have been shown to demonstrate empathy and consideration for others more so than those who remain outside of it. Because Kitsune have their own code of honor, they can often react very badly if they're offended, especially if they are a yako such as a Nogitsune.

It is said that foxes and wolves do not get along, and this can also be true for Kitsune and Werewolves , though there exceptions to this rule, such as Kira, who is not only a member of a werewolf pack , but is also in a romantic relationship with the True Alpha Werewolf Scott McCall. Kitsune can also have very a dark sense of humor, particularly the Nogitsune, who take more pleasure in causing chaos than zenko types of Kitsune.

Japanese mythology in popular culture

Void Kitsune also are known for feeding upon chaos, strife, and pain along with other negative emotions like fear, stress, and anger , which gives them more power; as a result, they typically focus solely on creating as much of those emotions in the people around them as they can. However, despite some of their more negative characteristics, Kitsune can also be very loyal to the people they care about, and will do serious harm to anyone who tries to hurt their loved ones.

Not much is known about Kitsune culture, nor where those Kitsune who do not reside in the human world live. It has been implied by Noshiko that there is some kind of mystical realm or plane of existence for Kitsune spirits, since she once prayed to her ancestors for kitsune-tsuki , or possession by a fox spirit, in order to imbue her with the power necessary to get revenge on those running the corrupt Oak Creek internment camp in , which suggests that they may at least have some sort of afterlife dimension, if not a realm all their own for living spirits as well.

Most of a Kitsune's power comes from their tails, though how they specifically gain these tails is unknown; in some Japanese legends, Kitsune gain a tail for every century they are alive, but in others, they gain a tail for each Kitsune ability they master.

So far in the Teen Wolf series, it appears that Kitsune gain a tail when they meet certain milestones. For example, Kira Yukimura gained her first tail after she successfully triggered her healing ability to survive what would have otherwise been a fatal stab wound to the heart.

The greatest number of tails a Kitsune can achieve is nine, which is how many tails Noshiko Yukimura possessed upon her family's arrival in Beacon Hills. Some Kitsune who live in the human world create physical representations of their tails in order to keep them safe on Earth. Noshiko made her nine tails into a set of long, thin, black ceramic knives called kaiken , whereas Kira's first tail is made of a large shard of obsidian that has been shaped by her father Ken into a shuriken , or throwing star.

However, since the Nogitsune seemed surprised and confused upon learning that Noshiko had turned her tails into kaiken , it is implied that making physical representations of Kitsune tails is not necessarily a common practice among their species.

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Tails possess great mystical power which can be used to perform powerful spells although doing so will often cost the Kitsune the tail that they are using as a power source , and the older a tail is, the more power it contains. For example, Noshiko used at least seven of her nine tails to summon and control Oni demons to kill the Nogitsune; she first used her five most recent tails to summon five Oni, and when three of them were killed, she used three of the next older tails to replace them, which she stated would be more powerful due to the tails being older and possessing more mystical energy.

The Nogitsune then took one of her last tails, which was one of the oldest and thus the most powerful, which gave him the power he needed to cast his own spell and take ownership of all five Oni to do his bidding.

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It is unknown if a Kitsune can regain their tails after they have been lost, stolen, or broken in this manner; it is possible that once their power is used, the tail is lost forever. The full range of powers that a Kitsune possesses remain unknown, especially since there is very little known about the majority of the types of Kitsune. However, they all seem to have the same basic powers in addition to other specialized abilities based on the Kitsune's specific type.

These are abilities that have been demonstrated on the series that all Kitsune appear to possess. Kira using her superhuman agility in De-Void. Kira and Noshiko using their intuitive combat and weaponry skills in Strange Frequencies. Kira creating foxfire for the first time in Galvanize. The following are abilities that have been demonstrated on the series that appear to be possessed by specific types of Kitsune. There are likely many more abilities than what is listed below that currently remain unknown, due to the fact that only three different Kitsune have been shown on the series thus far.

Kira using electrokinesis to slow Scott's heart in Time of Death. After over a year as a member of the McCall Pack, Kira was cornered by the Dread Doctors, who used a lightning rod to summon a bolt of lightning to both overpower and unbalance Kira's inner Kitsune spirit. This caused all of her powers to be heightened, but also gave her inner Fox more control over her body, causing a war between her Kitune and human sides that made her increasingly violent and more of a trickster. The Skinwalkers agreed to test Kira and give her their assistance if needed, but insisted that if Kira failed their test, she would become a Skinwalker and join them.

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Sure enough, though Kira defeated the Desert Oni the Skinwalkers summoned, it was because the Kitsune inside of her took control and used Kira's body to consume it, causing her to fail the test. About the only thing the show's kitsune have in common with the mythical creature is their foxlike eyes. On Teen Wolf , the second half of the third season deals with kitsune mythology. Kira Yukimura is revealed to be a kitsune and possesses a golden spiritual aura in the shape of a fox. In keeping with the idea that the kitsune can create fire or lightning by rubbing its tails together, Kira has the ability to manipulate electrical currents.

Her mother has these powers as well. There are said to be 13 different types of kitsune, including the nogitsune — a trickster spirit that feeds on chaos, strife and pain. The latter seems to currently be in possession of Stiles' body. Several kitsune show up among the various fae in Lost Girl , though it's constantly mispronounced as "kit-soon".

The Fuchsbau Wesen in Grimm are very similar to Kitsunes. There is also a type of Wesen known as Kitsune, and according to legend, are one of the very few Wesens to have a tail—nine, in fact. Super Sentai Kyuemon Izayoi from Shuriken Sentai Ninninger , who fits the trickster archetype because he's extremely secretive, manipulative, and you never really know where his loyalties lie until late in the series, where it turns out he's Big Bad Gengetsu Kibaoni's firstborn son.

Kitsune have appeared as a Monster of the Week in certain series: Kagaku Sentai Dynaman : Fox Evo, while nominally based on a normal fox, possesses many of the magical powers associated with kitsune like shapeshifting and illusions. Ninja Sentai Kakuranger featured a nine-tailed kitsune who wrapped most of her tails around her body like feather boas. Samurai Sentai Shinkenger : The ayakashi Isagitsune is based on kitsune and In-Universe is the basis for them , which is exemplified by the array of magic spells that he uses to befuddle and overpower the Shinkengers. He appeared in Power Rangers Samurai as Vulpes.

Appropriately for a series inspired by Japanese fairy tales, Ultraman Taro had a kitsune kaiju called Migeon as a Monster of the Week. While its appearance was rather reptilian for a fox, Miegon possessed all the qualities one would expect, like nine tails, illusory tricks, and various fire-based abilities. The kitsune is a recurring motif for Japanese band Babymetal , and is the main theme for the song "Megitsune". In Akiko Shikata 's song "Otoshimono" from her album Wokashi , a girl speaks of her brother who was taken by foxes as a child, and apparently turned into a kitsune himself.

Tabletop Games. They are described as the youngest of the Changing Breeds, and are the most spiritually inclined. While physically weakest, they are skilled in elemental sorcery as well as paper-themed origami sorcery. As a character goes up in rank, their vulpine forms grow additional tails, generally up to five the games' level cap , but the legendary Bai Mianxi got up to nine tails.

In the New World of Darkness , the kitsune are a type of fox-spirit. It's possible to play a human who's bonded with one, sharing in their powers in return for acting as spiritual shelter for the kitsune.

Traditional Masks In Japan Japanology

They can shift between their true humanoid fox form and a specific human one, can gain the abilities to outright change into foxes or humans they have met , have some degree of innate magical ability , and tend to be neutrally-aligned tricksters. However, only nogitsune kitsune women who have been possessed by spirit oni and corrupted into murderous vamps have been confirmed to have multiple tails. The Pathfinder Advanced Race Guide includes a new Kitsune-Only Feat called Magical Tail that gives the Kitsune a new tail each time it's taken and a new magical ability to go along with it.

The card game Kitsune: Of Foxes and Fools has the players taking the roles of kitsune inflicting karma on sinful humans fools by way of "tricks" in order to gain tails.

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Or they could scheme against one another instead. The Tsukiuta stage plays feature Hajime and Shun as Kurotenko and Shirotenko, majestic four-tailed Little Bit Beastly figures who seem to act as rulers of the ayakashi realm. Video Games. Fennekin and its line from Generation VI are based on fennec foxes rather than red foxes, but their typing and abilities are very similar to Vulpix and Ninetales.

Especially in its evolved forms Braixen and Delphox who represent the kistunes humanoid form. They later reprise their role in Kirby Star Allies , though they are befriended after defeating the duo. Of course, the king of all of them is the SSR Tamamo-no-Mae given a Gender Flip from how she is normally portrayed from a woman to a cross-dressing man , a nine -tailed kitsune capable of unleashing destructive power akin to that of a Physical God. Also, protagonist Abe-no-Seimei Sonic the Hedgehog : Miles 'Tails' Prower has mechanical abilities rather than magical ones, but his two tails are a clear reference.

Japanese Fox (Kitsune) Collection Part.2 [5. Kitsune Mask (Real)]

In the Archie comics , he did have a mystical destiny to him and was briefly trained in magic by his sorcerer uncle. His Evil Counterpart was more adept at magic and at one point called him out on his abandoning his training. In The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask , a complicated sidequest earns you the "Keaton Mask", which is the face of a kitsune; wearing it at the right time and place means you can meet a kitsune who quizzes you about the world in which you live.

The same mask also played a minor role in Ocarina of Time , though no actual kitsune appeared in that game. Ran Yakumo from Touhou , who is of the nine-tailed variety, making her very old and powerful. The fact that she's the shikigami of Yukari Yakumo demonstrates how powerful Yukari is, while the fact that Ran has her own shikigami, Chen , demonstrates how powerful she is. She's also incredibly good at math, being able to calculate the width of the Sanzu River The spirit offers to pay Reimu back and does so by encouraging the villagers to visit the shrine, making her prosper Kasen catches it and explains that kudagitsune eventually eat their owners' health and prosperity.

In a later chapter Reimu thinks she's found a kitsune artifact called a foxball, and the Marisa-Fox returns to give some exposition After Reimu makes some failed attempts at repelling it, Kosuzu uses her Omniglot skills to figure out what's going on: it's repeating the day's lessons, meaning that the kitsune is a child that's trying to learn.

She ends up resolving the situation by giving Reimu some special Paper Talismans When the kitsune-child comes to the store, Kosuzu gives it a blank book to write in and offers to give new blank books in exchange for trading in the old ones when they fill up, meaning she gets a steady supply of youma books. Forest Shadow from Jade Empire is a semi-Chinese fox spirit of this type.

The various platypus enemies in Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime are obvious parodies of this, as the more powerful they are, the more tails they have. A group of thieves who were locked away because of their powers. You start off fighting 1-Tail, then 2, 3, and so on. He can materialize nine purple-flaming discs that trace you and can turn into fire or move around the battle arena. The Fox Noise , Most notably, the Progfox. In the Animal Crossing series, the fox Crazy Redd is a traveling merchant and conman who occasionally sets up a tent in town and sells not only both rare and common furniture, always at disgustingly inflated prices, but also artwork that has a high chance of being forged.

In the most recent main series installment, New Leaf , he instead sells four pieces of artwork, at least one of which is legitimate the rest being forgeries.

kitsune fox mask – brooch

This contrasts Tom Nook, the reliable tanuki shopkeeper who sells an ever-changing selection of common goods with the occasional rarity. It turns out she is an aspect of Amaterasu. After Tamamo underwent a millennium of training to attain divinity, she cut off eight of her tails, returning to her original single-tailed form. Each of her tails was left a portion of her divinity, turning them into Heroic Spirit kitsune like herself, with each a different class.